Lutterworth’s Three Heroes – Tuesday 9th July

Most villages and towns have their local heroes, some of whom we celebrate at Remembrance and on other occasions. Lutterworth is no exception to this.

Rifleman William Green served in the Napoleonic Wars.  His memoirs of 10 years service in the British Army are one of the few accounts by an enlisted man and has served as a primary source for many historians.  He died in 1881 aged 96.

John Wycliffe

John Wycliffe was an influential and controversial 14th century scholar and theologian best remembered for his association with the translation of the Bible into English. 

20th century engineer and inventor Frank Whittle is famous for developing the first British Turbo Jet engine at Power Jets in Lutterworth.  You can’t miss the life-size model of the Gloster E28/39 jet on the roundabout as you drive into Lutterworth.

Frank Whittle adjusts a slide rule while seated at his desk at the Ministry of Aircraft Production

At our June meeting Tony Hirons will tell us more about these three remarkable but very different men.  We remember the entertaining visit last year to Lutterworth Parish Church which was hosted by Tony.  This evening promises to be equally enjoyable.

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