Edward and Eleanor – Tuesday 11th June

Kam Caddell explores the association of Edward I and his wife Eleanor of Castile

Most of us have seen the famous Eleanor Cross at nearby Geddington, one of the few surviving which were erected by Edward I in memory of his beloved wife Eleanor.  The crosses marked the nightly resting-places when her body was transported from Harby, where she died, to Westminster Abbey.

However, perhaps what is less well known is that Edward and Eleanor were very familiar with this area, using the hunting lodge at Geddington on several occasions as the base to visit the many Crown estates and properties they owned in this part of the country.

At our next meeting historian Kam Caddell will explore the close association of Edward and Eleanor of Castile with Geddington and ask why their famed love story matters today.

Geddington – Queen Eleanor’s Cross

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