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General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR affects the way groups such as ours keep information about individuals and requires us to obtain your permission to retain some personal details about you. This means members need to fill in a Consent Form if you want us to stay in touch. The LHG Data Privacy Statement and consent forms are available on request by completing the “contact us” section of this website.

Report on Survey of Members

  Thank you to everyone who completed the form earlier this year.  Most of the comments were very positive with useful suggestions which will be considered by the Committee. Monthly meetings: 81% attended over 5 times a year and were satisfied with the subjects covered.  Suggestions for future meetings showed many would like more local material and were willing to accept repeats of talks already given. Members Annual Outings and afternoon/evening visits: All were satisfied with the choice of venues

Good News on Subscriptions

You will be pleased to know that the cost of membership for 2018 remains at £10 pa, the same as in the previous four years.   Entrance fees are still £1.50 per meeting.  Non-members pay £3.00.  Remember that free or subsidised events and outings are organised for Members throughout the year so it is well worth joining!


For the third year running there will be no increase in the cost of subscriptions.  Membership fees remain at £10 per year and entry charges to monthly meetings £1.50 per person.  Non-members pay £3.00 for each meeting. As a member you can take part in a wide variety of events, many of which are free or subsidised by LHG.


Our meeting on November 11th paid tribute to the men commemorated on the War Memorial.  We discussed their lives and those of their families and briefly looked at the battles in which they perished.  Hopefully these men now mean more to us than just a name etched on a piece of stone. An edited version of the talk will be published in the Lubenham Village Newsletter in the next few months.  If anyone has any information, especially photographs, about these

Research on Lubenham War Memorial – Can you help ?

Our meeting on November 11th 2014 “Remembering the fallen: Casualties of WW1” will be a tribute to the men commemorated on Lubenham’s War Memorial.   We are gathering information, not only about these men, their families and backgrounds, but others from the Parish who served in the conflict. Do you have any details and stories, newspaper cuttings, photographs or other memorabilia which may be of use ?   Please contact the group via the Contacts page if you think you can help.

Great news on subscriptions!

Subscriptions for 2014 will remain the same as at present and offer great value for money. Membership fees continue at £10.00 per year and reduced entry charges at monthly meetings remain at £1.50 per person. Non members pay £3.00 for each meeting. Don’t forget membership entitles entry to exclusive free or subsidised members events and outings, and of course the reduced entry charge at meetings.

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